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Name:From Eroica With Love Kink Meme
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:From Eroica With Love fanfiction and fanart
Welcome to the From Eroica With Love kink meme!

Kink Post | Filled Requests | Discussion | On Anonymity and Archiving | Kink Meme @LJ


1. The kink meme is for adults only, but due to its anonymous nature, the mods are unable to police this. If you are not old enough to read or participate in this meme legally in your country of residence, please leave.

2. Please remain anonymous at all times, whether you are requesting something, filling a request, or posting a comment. Anything that is not posted anonymously will be screened or deleted.

3. Feel free to archive your fanfiction/fanart anywhere you like under your own name or pseudonym after sharing it here; however, you must remain anonymous on the meme itself, and you may not "fill" requests simply by linking to work that is posted elsewhere.

4. Because this is an anonymous meme, you will not be able to join the community. Only the mod account is a member. Use the track function to be alerted of new requests and fills, and feel free to subscribe to the community.

5. Only one prompt/request at a time: comments containing multiple requests will be deleted.

6. Requests are not limited to a single response--multiple responses are encouraged! Fanart is always welcome!

7. Crossovers and AUs are also welcome, but only in response to requests specifically asking for them.

8. The term "kink meme" does not necessarily presuppose NC-17 fic/art: all ratings are accepted here.

9. Include a clear warning in the subject line if your request or fill includes potentially triggering content. If you are unclear on what constitutes "potentially triggering content", please ask the mods before posting.

10. There is to be no trolling or flaming of other participants, and no disparaging of kinks or characters. If you see any of this happening, DO NOT ENGAGE; contact the mods instead. If trolling occurs to an extent that the mods consider excessive, we will start IP logging and banning.

11. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other forms of bigotry are prohibited everywhere--that means in discussion as well as in requests/fills. We recognize that Klaus often does use homophobic language (especially when referring to Dorian), and we are not asking that participants write Klaus OOC, but please keep it to a reasonable minimum in his dialogue.

12. Absolutely no fic or art is permitted that includes sexual situations involving characters who are under the age of consent in their country of residence.

Guidelines for Posting

Only three types of comments belong on the current kink post: requests, fills, and comments directly pertaining to specific requests and/or fills. Canon/fanon questions and analysis, talk about the fandom, and completely off-topic chat belong in the discussion post.

All requests must be made in comments to the current kink post, with a subject line as follows: "REQUEST: [pairing] (Warning: [warnings])". The prompt or scenario should be included in the body of the comment and may be as detailed as you wish. Again, each comment may contain only one request.

All fills must be posted as replies to requests, with a subject line as follows: "FILL: [pairing] (Warning: [warnings]), [part number]/[total number of parts]". Filled prompts should be reported in comments here.

In the interest of preservation, all fic posted to the kink meme will be archived at Fried Potatoes under the pen name "Kink Meme". If you do not wish to have your work archived, add, "NO ARCHIVE," to the end of the subject line. If you want to archive your work at another site in addition to FP, feel free to do so, but do not respond to requests simply by linking to work that exists elsewhere--all fills MUST be posted on the current Kink Post.

Questions? Suggestions? Problems? Contact the mods!

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